Lightness means Performance

Dynamism and Comfort are the Essence contained in every Garment. Choose between Stretch, Technical and Padded Material. 

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Made of the finest Materials, tested for every condition.

polar fleece 

Our polar fleece is a lightweight, warm and soft fleece with water repellent properties. 

Micropolar Fleece

Micropolar is thinner and even lighter than our polar fleece, but no less warm and comfortable.

Coral Fleece

Fluffier than our Polar Fleece, with extra thermal insulation for absolute comfort even in extreme cold.

Knitpolar Fleece

Our warmest fleece fabric. Sweat absorbing properties make it a perfect companion for every hiking occasion.

stretch jersey Jackets

Lightweight, water and windproof, these Jackets are your best friend on a long hike and are a must have for your hiking equimpent.

Padded Jackets

Ultimate comfort and warmth. 

About McKees

We are aiming to become the leading brand for Midlayer for outdoors. Garments that combine a captivating design with ergonomic wearability.


We are Inspired by the mountains, creating clean and modern style outdoor clothing.


Textiles and accessories are Studied and tested to provide the best performance and maximum comfort

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